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Bread Toaster 800W – White

Model: KT-6001
Color: White
Cord Storage
Electronic Control
Removable Crumb tray, Warmer
Adjustable Browning Control
Automatic Pop-up
Power: 800W

1,099.00৳  1,150.00৳ 

Miyako KT-6001 Bread Toaster 800W – White

Miyako KT-6001 Bread Toaster have an easy-to-open doorin the front that reveals food to be placed on a holder, which haswarm components above and below the cooking area. Toaster stove ranges functionthe same as a small-scale traditional stove. Toaster stove ranges normally haveconfigurations to roast breads and a heat range control for use of theequipment as an stove.
Most are large enough to warm up a piece of pizzas or aburrito and some larger designs can be used to prepare a little cookiesheet. Modern toaster ovens are generally one of three varieties: pop-up toasterovens, toaster ranges, and machine buckle toaster ovens. For home use, the MiyakoBread Toaster KT-6001, customers generally choose a toaster type based on theirdesigned use.
Pop-up toaster ovens are better than toaster ranges for makingequally roasted toasted breads, but toaster ranges can prepare and broil whilepop-up toaster ovens cannot.


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